Excellent care, even in emergencies.


The care at The Smile Center is excellent. Everybody cares! They’re concerned about how you’re doing, how their work is, if you’re satisfied, if it hurts. All through the treatment, everybody wanted to make sure that I was doing OK. Everything they did was excellent.

I got in contact with The Smile Center the day that I broke a tooth. It was after hours, and I called and left a message. First thing in the morning, they called me back and had me come right in. They gave me a temporary fix, and then we started to do the work. It’s been wonderful.

I’m a speech pathologist, so people are looking at my mouth all day long. I love it when someone says “You have beautiful teeth, you have a beautiful smile!” I feel great, and I’m happy that The Smile Center was able to make my smile perfect.

My name is Donna, and Dr. Johnson makes me feel better about my smile.