Leaving the dentist with a smile.

Dr. Johnson has provided complete dental care for me for many years now. It’s always been excellent, with strong advice from he and his staff. With that, I’ve had good results. My teeth are very strong, and I thank The Smile Center very much for the help they’ve given me.

What I appreciate about The Smile Center is that the care is done in a very pleasant and comfortable manner. I can think of many people who resisted going to the dentist because they remember the old days when things were not done like they are today. But, when they have this experience of coming in here, even having sometimes extensive procedures, there’s usually no pain, very little discomfort, and of course always the friendly staff to support you, it really makes this dentistry very easy.

I think The Smile Center has the perfect name because when you walk in, the staff greets you with a smile, they take excellent care of you, and I’ve always left with a smile. That’s a good sign that it truly is The Smile Center.

I’m Mert, and Dr. Johnson makes me feel better about my smile.