Be greeted by a warm and caring staff.

My children, throughout the years, have actually looked forward to coming to the dentist. I’ve never had one of them say “Oh, I’m scared to go!” They’ve talked about the pain-free fillings, and that Dr. Johnson is quick and efficient. They’re done in no time. We really enjoy the staff.

We keep coming back here because of the staff. They are warm and caring, and you can tell they like us and we like them. It’s kind of like a big happy family, coming here. When my family and I come to The Smile Center, we are greeted by first name. They might ask how school is going to one of our kids, or how’s work going, or how’s the planting going. They just know us and we know them.

The care is excellent. We don’t experience pain here, and our whole family enjoys coming here.

My name is Tena, and Dr. Johnson makes me feel better about my smile.