ADA Urges MLB to Ban Tobacco Use At Ballbarks

image of baseball playerThe American Dental Association, as well as right other major medical and public health organizations, is urging Major League Baseball(MLB) and its players to ban the use of tobacco at its ballparks and on camera.

After the tragic death of Hall of Famer, Tony Gwynn, due to his long-time tobacco use, these orgnizations felt that, “Major League Basball and the Players Association can honor Tony Gwynn’s memory by agreeing to a complete prohibition on tobacco use at ballparks and on camera.” Bud Selig, the MLB commissioner responded by saying that the MLB is doing everything it can to eliminate smoking and tobacco use, but that it can not completely ban it. Mr. Selig and MLB attempted a ban on tobacco use during the last collective bargaining agreement with the Players Association. However, the ban was not agreed to, and so therefore, Bud Selig must wait until the next collective bargaining session in 2016. The Players Association does not agree to the tobacco ban because they feel that each player should be allowed to make their own choices. In 2011, the MLB and Players Association did agree to limit where and when players could use tobacco. For example, players and managers are not allowed to use tobacco when they are doing television interviews, and they are required to hide tobacco when fans are in the ballpark.

The ADA is urging baseball players to quit using tobacco because of the negative effects to their oral and overall health. Chewing tobacco can harm a person because it contains toxins and can cause gum disease. Other possible effects are stained teeth and tongue, slow healing after a tooth extraction or other surgery, difficulties in correcting cosmetic dental problems. The very serious possible effect of using chewing tobacco is that it is linked to oral cancer.

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