Baby Born at Christmas Has Newborn Teeth!

image of Mother brushing child's teethImagine your little bundle of joy finally arriving after nine long months of waiting. You hear the first cry, see her little body…

And her two front teeth?

Two parents in Missouri saw two perfect pearly white teeth in their newborn daughter’s mouth when she was born a few days after Christmas 2014. Imagine their surprise!

According to the National Institutes of Health, only one baby in every 2,000-3,000 babies is born with teeth at birth: these newborn teeth are called natal teeth.

Doctors, nurses and the girl’s parents were all stunned to see her teeth. The parents reported that many people came in to see their daughter’s newborn teeth, and they said that their doctor has only seen newborn teeth one other time.

Newborn teeth are very rare, but they don’t mean that the child will have dental health problems in the future. Some doctors will recommend that the newborn teeth be removed so that the child does not risk choking on them if they fall out.

After the newborn teeth are removed or fall out, other teeth should come in as usual with no problem. Since the baby was born healthy, doctors say their is no problem with her teeth except that she has two that are surprisingly early. Her parents should watch closely in case they become loose or wobbly, as there is the danger of her choking on them.

These early teeth can cause some pain for mother or child as the child learns to breastfeed. In this case, the girl’s mother will not nurse but bottle feed breastmilk. The hope is that the newborn teeth will fall out safely and cause no trouble for the baby or her parents.

While it is certainly very early to start thinking about dental health for this newborn girl, her parents are probably thinking about it much earlier than other parents. When her next teeth erupt, they should take good care of both the baby teeth and gums to prevent tooth decay or other dental health problems.