Coffee: Need Another Reason To Drink It?

image of coffeeCoffee can stir up some strong feelings in a lot of people. Some people can’t go a day without a cup, and others could go years and never miss it.

A recent study from the State Key Laboratory or Oral Diseases in West China, found that drinking coffee sped up the rate at which teeth moved when using braces. I’m sure every teenager suffering through years of braces is thinking they need to go find their nearest Starbucks, but it isn’t as simple as that.

This study only studied how coffee effected rats, and not humans. So, the results may not be the same in people, but this means more research may need to be done. This group of scientists studied how drinking it will effect orthodontic tooth movement or OTM. By giving one group of rats coffee, and the other group did not drink any. After three weeks, the scientists measured how far the teeth had moved. The rats that drank coffee and significantly more tooth movement than those that had not had any. The scientists believe that the increased tooth movement is because of the effects of caffeine on osteoclastogenesis.

This study had some interesting results, but this is not advocating everyone who has braces to drink lots of coffee. Excessive amounts of caffeine or coffee can be harmful to teenagers as well as adults. There can also be other side effects from drinking lots of coffee such as teeth staining. But those people who love their coffee always like to hear another reason why drinking coffee can be good for you.

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