Creative Kids and Their Loose Tooth

image of girl with toothIt’s a rite of passage for every kid: the wiggling of a loose tooth and then losing that tooth. It can be a difficult experience for some kids, and many parents lessen the possible stress by telling them about the Tooth Fairy.

Other kids have no problem with losing teeth. They instead want to hurry them out of their mouths!

Recently, an 11-year-old from Colorado was filmed as she used a unique way to pull her loose tooth. A bow and arrow!

And she’s not the only creative kid!

Earlier this year, other kids posted videos of their own interesting way of dealing with their loose tooth. One kid let his pet parrot pull it out. Another used his brother’s motocross bike, while another let his dad use a remote-controlled helicopter to pull the loose tooth. An American decathlete used his javelin to remove his kid’s loose tooth. Creative, and a bit shocking!

Many kids cheer this type of fun way to pull a loose tooth, but many parents might cringe a bit. Of course, a wiggly loose tooth is probably a little annoying for many kids. However, taking forceful methods to remove it before it might be ready to fall out may be risky. Dentists would certainly voice some concern, as using a lot of force to remove a loose tooth could cause trauma and pain to surrounding teeth and to the gums.

A tooth begins to loosen when the underlying permanent tooth begins to push up into the same space. Baby teeth fall out when they are no longer needed, and when permanent teeth are almost ready to take their place.

It is far better to allow a loose tooth to fall out on its own, rather than speeding up the process with one of the creative ideas above. It certainly is less fun, but it is much safer for your kids’ teeth and gums.