Do You Have Tooth Hypersensitivity After Bleaching?

image of lady with tooth painTooth hypersensitivity is a common side effect after patient do some kind of bleaching treatment to their teeth.

Tooth whitening has become very popular in the last few years are there are a number of products and options for people to choose from. There are over the counter products that are very popular and are seen in the media, however these products lack the professional and individual care that dentist-prescribed bleaching agents offer. Your dentist can offer you a number of bleaching options so that you can find one to fit your lifestyle. You can choose to have have custom bleaching trays, pre-filled trays, or do an in-office bleaching in one visit.

No matter which bleaching option you choose, tooth hypersensitivity may be a side effect of the procedure. Generally, the higher the concentration of the bleaching agent, the more likely you are to suffer from tooth hypersensitivity. Here are some steps you and your dentist can take to reduce the tooth hypersensivity.

1. Get a thorough dental exam before starting any bleaching. You may have other dental issues that need to be dealt with before you try any bleaching.

2. Spend time with your dentist so that they can explain the bleaching procedure and you can ask any questions you may have.

3. Brush with desensitizing toothpaste that your dentist can prescribe, like Fluoridex, this with help with any tooth hypersensitivity you may experience.

4. Decrease the concentration of bleaching agent if you do experience sever tooth hypersensitivity

If you do have tooth hypersensitivity after bleaching, it will most likely only last a little while, but talk to your dentist if it becomes too painful. At The Smile Center, we want to find the whitening procedure that is best for you and fits your lifestyle. Call today for your next appointment. 701-258-1321.