Got a Sweet Tooth? Join Kim Kardashian

image of candyThis time of year often seems to encourage the eating of sugary treats, candy, and other Halloween-season sweet eats. According to US Magazine, those with a sweet tooth are in good company with famous people like Kim Kardashian. Just last week, the reality TV star turned to Twitter to complain a bit about her struggle to control her cravings for sweet treats. She says this problem has lead to her not being able to lose weight like she wants to. Kardashian also tweeted about wanting to make changes in her eating habits, talking about the 2014 documentary called “Fed Up,” which is about the problem of obesity in the U.S. She is personally trying to eat better and exercise to control her weight. However, it’s also important to talk about the effect that eating and drinking large amount of sugar can have on your dental health.

While eating and drinking do affect your teeth, gums, and dental health overall, good hygiene can prevent some very serious mouth troubles, such as cavities. What kid hasn’t heard that too much sugar, candy, and soda pop can rot your teeth? It certainly can be true without proper dental hygiene. Regular dental check-ups in addition to daily practices to maintain healthy teeth and gums are important: brushing teeth at least twice a day, flossing, and regular check-ups can make all the difference, whether you eat a lot of sugary foods or not.

Kim Kardashian’s latest tweet seems to focus more on her image and getting back to her pre-baby weight. It’s good that Kardashian is trying to eat healthier and exercise, though some diets can be harmful to your teeth.

For her teeth’s sake, Kim Kardashian should also make sure to brush her teeth, floss, and visit her dentist regularly. These daily oral hygiene habits will certainly help her smile to continue to look beautiful on camera.