Preventative Removal of Wisdom Teeth: Benefits

image of dental toolsWisdom teeth. We all have them, and for many people, problems with wisdom teeth can cause a lot of pain. They can cause a host of dental health problems.

Dentists and oral surgeons all agree that wisdom teeth should be removed if they are causing pain. Also, if there are signs that an infection or tooth decay is forming, this is another good reason to remove wisdom teeth.

So, what about just removing them before problems arise? Are there benefits preventative removal of wisdom teeth?

Some dentists say that removing wisdom teeth before a problem arises is like being “two steps ahead” of any future problem.

A person may not have any problems with wisdom teeth right now, but there is no guarantee that there won’t be problems in the future. Preventative removal of wisdom teeth now can certainly have some benefits according to some dentists and oral surgeons.

For many people, they will need to have wisdom teeth removed eventually. Having them removed at a younger age means quicker healing time and less risk of complications. Wisdom teeth without fully formed roots are easier to remove with less pain. It’s also easier to remove teeth that are not impacted, have serious infection, or are pushed tightly against other teeth.

Also, since the procedure takes a few days to recover from, some dentists and patients appreciate the ability to plan the most convenient time. If a person waits until there is a serious problem and pain, the procedure becomes time-sensitive and can’t be planned around important life and work events.

In addition, it’s also believed that removing the wisdom teeth may result in less overcrowding for other teeth.

However, it’s very important to know that there are also serious disadvantages to having wisdom teeth removed to possibly prevent future problems.

A large number of dentists take a “wait and see” approach, preferring to closely watch wisdom teeth for signs or symptoms of a problem. Talk with your dentist about which approach is right for you and your dental health situation.