Tips for Protecting Sensitive Teeth

A person with sensitive teeth may forget about just how sensitive their teeth are until… Zing!

If you have a sensitive tooth, you know all too well about that ache, that sharp pain, the lingering tenderness. Sensitivity is caused when the gums recede or pull back and expose the root of the tooth, called the tooth dentin. This causes much pain because it’s a direct line to your nerve.

What can you do to protect your sensitive teeth, and better yet, is there anything you can do to avoid more pain?

There are several foods that you should try to include in your diet to help protect and heal your sensitive teeth. They are also a few surprising foods you should definitely avoid.

To help protect sensitive teeth and defend against pain:

• Eat high-fiber foods – such as fresh fruit and veggies like beans and cabbage – which will help produce saliva and protect against sensitivity.

• Stock up on calcium-rich foods – like milk and cheese – to help rebuild tooth enamel and decrease the acid level – the pH level – of your mouth.

• Drink water, often, and try to get at least eight glasses a day to help wash away food acids and plaque.

It comes as no surprise that you should avoid hot and cold foods, which can trigger tooth sensitivity.

You should also avoid sweet foods and foods that are very acidic, such as fruit juices, sodas, sour candies, sports drinks, alcohol, and pickles – yes, pickles! The acids in these foods, as well as the sugars that turn into acids in your mouth, erode your tooth enamel and make sensitivity worse.

If you must have a drink that is likely to trigger tooth sensitivity, it is helpful to drink through a straw to allow the liquid to bypass your sensitive teeth. Here’s to less pain!