What is a Dental Bridge?

image of smiling copuleYou may have heard the term dental bridge before, but not ever really understood what it is, or what it does. Here are some basic facts to know about dental bridges.

What is a bridge?

A fixed dental bridge is a dental appliance that replaces one or more missing teeth. Bridges can be made of gold, alloys, porcelain, or a combination of these materials. A traditional bridge is made up of a false tooth, or teeth, that is placed between two crowns and cemented on the surrounding teeth. An implant bridge is very similar, but it is fastened to two or more implants that are connected to the bone. Dental bridges are sometimes called fixed partial dentures, and they are very alike. However, a bridge can’t be removed by the patient like a partial denture can,

Why should I get a bridge?

If you are missing teeth, the space between those teeth can make it hard to speak and also to chew. Missing teeth can also make the teeth you still have move out of place. If they move out of place, they are more likely to get tooth decay and gum disease. A bridge can prevent that from happening, as well as improve your speech and help you chew.

What is the total treatment time?

There are several steps involved in making you a custom bridge. So, it will take several dental visits to complete the entire procedure. However, at The Smile Center, you will receive a temporary bridge while your permanent bridge is being made. On average, patients will usually be all done with the treatment in two to four weeks, depending on what type of bridge you get.

How do I care for a bridge?

The success of a dental bridge depends on how well the teeth, crowns, or implants it is attach to hold up. So, it is very important that patients brush very well, for at least two minutes. They should also floss very well to make sure there is no food stuck between the bridge. As long as the surrounding teeth remain healthy, a bridge could last eight to ten years, or perhaps even longer.