When a Dental Implant Falls Out on Live TV…

image of Sharon OsbourneThe popular talk-television show “The Talk” usually has viewers laughing at the witty banter between the five co-hosts, of which one is Sharon Osbourne. The December 16 live show was no different, but the reason was unique.

While talking with her co-hosts, Osbourne suddenly shouted, “My tooth’s falling out!” She proceeded to tell her co-costs and viewers that it was a dental implant, a fake tooth, so the tooth falling out was not painful. She also said that the dental implant was very expensive, and then joked about just putting it back in with superglue. She got more laughs when she then pulled the fake tooth completely out of her mouth, and smiled big to show the resulting gap. Co-host Sara Gilbert actually had to wipe away tears, she was laughing so much.

The reasons for needing a dental implant, or one falling out, are no laughing matter. This funny situation highlights the need for good care for both natural and artificial teeth.

It’s not known why Ms. Osbourne has a dental implant, or whether she has more than the one that fell out on live television. A person might have to get a fake tooth due to tooth decay or gum disease made it necessary to remove the tooth, or an accident caused it to be knocked out. When a tooth is lost, and for whatever reason, a person has a few options. First, he or she can opt to get a bridge or partial denture to fill the gap left by the missing tooth. Or, like Osbourne suggested when she said her tooth was part of an implant, a person can choose to first have a metal tooth root implanted, as a base for an artificial tooth, also called a dental prosthesis.

Properly cared for, a dental implant can last a lifetime and feel as comfortable as your own natural teeth. A bridge or partial denture may not fit quite as well, may slip around, and can lead to bone loss in the jaw. Also, their lifespan is only about 7 to 15 years.

To determine which option for replacing a missing tooth is right for you, talk with an experienced dentist.