Why Do I Need A Custom Made Athletic Mouth Guard?

image of boy playing footballCustom made athletic mouth guards (the ones made by dentists) may decrease the chances of you or your child getting a concussion as well as enhancing performance on the field.
Today children and adults play many contact sports that are wonderful for fitness and team building skills but there are possible serious dangers. Concussions can decrease cognitive function, reduce grades, and put individuals at risk for long term medical issues. But there are ways to decrease your risk against getting a concussion.

A recent study found that proper protective equipment including custom made athletic mouth guards decrease the chances of concussion. An athletic guard that is custom made for you by your dentist will increase your safety compared to an over the counter athletic mouth guard. A custom made athletic mouth guard can increase breathing efficiency by giving more oxygen to the player and allowing them to perform their best. While this is a nice benefit, the best feature of a custom made athletic mouth guard is that it provides a decreased risk of concussion. This recent study found that having a thickness of 3mm or greater provided a cushion that prevented the bone in the lower jaw from transferring the full force of a blow to the skull. This also reduced the risk of that force transferring back from the skull to the lower jaw. When the force from a blow is not transferred, the risk of getting a concussion is much less. The custom made athletic mouth guard places the jaw joint that in a position that allows cushioning. It also will cushion the teeth and provide an extra layer of protection for the head.

Your dentist can make you or your child a custom made athletic mouth guard that will help them stay safe while playing the sports that they love.

Ask your dentist about it today!