Would You Have A Tooth Pulled For A Job?

Image of ActorWhat do people usually notice about others when they first meet? Shoe size? Hair color? How they walk? Usually, we notice a person’s smile first, or their lack of one if they are grumpy. The smile is the universal signal of happiness, and a beautiful smile is valued around the world.

There are very few people who would say that the most beautiful smile has teeth missing. Gaps in a smile may prevent the person from ever smiling because they feel embarrassed. So, many people would be surprised if someone intentionally has a tooth pulled for a job.

This is exactly what award-winning actor Shia LaBeouf did for his newest role in the movie “Fury” with Brad Pitt: he had a healthy tooth pulled. He revealed last month that he had a hard time finding a dentist that would help him with his tooth extraction. When he approached several dentists about getting his tooth pulled, they all said that there was no medical need for it, so they therefore would not do it.

He felt very strongly that having a tooth pulled, and the resulting gap, would make his character’s look just right for the new movie. In the end, he found a person who was willing to do the extraction, though that person was likely not a licensed dentist who supports overall tooth and gum health.

Now, he wears a fake tooth, also called a partial denture, to fill that gap. With it, his smile is as award-winning as ever, but having a tooth pulled for no medical purpose certainly has professional dentists a little worried. A partial denture, while looking great from the outside, does not replace the tooth root that was removed when the tooth was pulled. This new space may result in surrounding teeth moving or bone loss in a person’s jaw. Protecting your natural teeth is very important!

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