Dental X-Rays

Being able to see the root of the problem.

Dental X-rays are one of the most valuable tools a dental professional uses to diagnose disease in the mouth. Many conditions can only be detected with the use of dental radiographs. Because your dentist gains valuable information from X-rays to aid keeping the mouth healthy, it is vital to have them taken regularly to diagnose and treat the wide variety of dental conditions.

Generally, we recommend cavity-detecting X-rays be taken every 12 months unless the patient falls into the high risk category and needs them more frequently. High risk includes developing children, adults with extensive dental work, people who consume excessive sugary beverages or foods, patients who use tobacco, and patients that suffer from dry mouth.

X-rays can capture images both inside the mouth, allowing the dentist to find cavities or check the health of the tooth root, as well as outside of the mouth, allowing the dentist to show the placement of teeth in the jaw. The latter X-ray helps in detecting impacted teeth, emerging teeth, and oral cancer.

These dental images are valuable tools needed by your dental professional to diagnose any underlying problems. Visit us for regular check-ups, including the X-rays, as needed. Early detection can mean a less costly treatment. Good oral health is pivotal in maintaining quality of life.